Post Construction Cleaning

Our Post Construction Clean-Up service is specifically designed for home owners or businesses who have done new construction or remodeling and need to rid their home or office of the dust and minor debris that is left behind.

Our final Construction Clean-Up includes all of the following:


  • Scrub the shower, the tub, the sink, in and around the toilet, the tiles and the floor, especially in the corners
  • Clean shower door glass and tracks
  • Clean shower head
  • Clean faucets with stainless steel polish
  • Clean all mirrors
  • Dust window sill, top of medicine cabinet, light fixtures and vents
  • Clean inside the medicine cabinet, the vanity and under the sink
  • Thorough detailed dusting of all walls
  • Sanitize soap dish and toothbrush holder
  • Remove all cobwebs


  • Sweep and mop the floor
  • Clean the exterior and interior of refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, microwave and any other appliances (remove all shelves and drawers to thoroughly wash)
  • Clean interior & exterior of all cabinets and drawers
  • Clean all counter tops & the backsplash
  • Clean the sink, faucets and under the sink
  • Clean all light switch plates
  • Dust and clean top of cabinets
  • Dust all moldings and frames
  • Remove all cobwebs
  • Thorough detailed dusting of all walls
  • Dust window sills, blinds, baseboards, vents, shelves, ceiling fans, ledges and light fixtures
  • Remove minor debris
  • If appliances are easily moveable they will be moved to clean behind them & under them

Living Room/ Dining Room/ Bed Room/ General Office Areas

  • Sweep/mop or vacuum
  • Remove all cobwebs
  • Dust baseboards, blinds, shelves, ledges, vents, ceiling fans, moldings and light fixtures
  • Clean window sills & frames
  • Thoroughly detailed dusting of all walls
  • Clean all light switch plates

Hallways & Foyers

  • Dust baseboards, window sills, blinds, vents, baseboards, shelves, ledges and light fixtures
  • Sweep/mop or vacuum
  • Remove all cobwebs
  • Clean light switch plates
  • Thorough detailed dusting of all walls